Friday, October 9, 2009

The Beginning or an Enigma Solved

I have always heard stories about the "blank white page" that stares up a you. You can't write because it's white, and it remains white, until you write. I think until now, this has been that unmarked blank white page. I have had this problem with artwork before and I have found there is no way to solve this conundrum...except to just start.


  1. Starting an inspiration gallery or folder can help. When you wake up in the morining tell your self to be aware of things in your day that spark your imagination. A gate design on someone's fence that you pass by in the car, designs in everyday life etc. Then when you are stuck you can daydream with all your little bits and maybe come up with an idea. -Di

  2. Kathy, I stopped by because you left a nice comment for me on my blog- thank you! You have a great start here to your blog- LOVE your banner photo- your drawing is awesome!! I look forward to your future posts.